GraphQL Apollo links

  • self-documentation - you build your types
  • types information available to the client coder through introspection with tools like GraphiQL
  • specification which forms a standardization
  • make everything go through an API gateway which would usually do the auth resolution for all microservices


GraphQL example:

Next, Apollo, Postgraphile:

Next, Apollo, Graphcool:

Next & Apollo:

Next, Express, Apollo:

Hasura and Apollo:

Hasura vs Postgraphile:


Hasura - GraphQL on Postgres:

Graphcool - GraphQL BaaS:

Prisma - GrapQL on any database:

Nextjs, Apollo, Prisma:

RAN! React . GraphQL . Next.js Toolkit - bez backendu, przykład z Graphcool:

Vulcan - React, GraphQL, Meteor: